Class 11th Most Important Questions for all stream

After passing board examination of class 10, the students are given option to chose from three streams of subjects in class 11. They are Science stream, Commerce stream and Arts stream. One have to opt any one of the stream to proceed his studies. CBSE conducts the examination for class 11 on school level basis. NCERT is the prescribed textbooks for this. There are NCERT exercises which have been given in the textbooks and we are providing ncert solutions for class 11 CBSE for that. But, a student could not totally rely on ncert solutions for their examination. They have to study the chapters in detail. For this, we have prepared revision notes for class 11 cbse. One can study the inside topics from these notes. In this page, we are providing the important questions of all the chapters of class 11 cbse. This will help the students in revising what they have studied. Also, it will act as questions bank for class 11. These extra questions for class 11 are provided in all the streams. Our faculty have taken utmost care in making these important questions. These includes the questions which have come in various examinations.
Below is the list of subjects for which the class 11 important questions are provided. One can click on them or download it in pdf.